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Rock n roll with soul, funk and psychedelic flavours; yes please. Sydney’s own Burn Antares tick all the best boxes in EP Fur Coat And The Peace Boat, so I took the chance to exchange words with drummer Thom Eagleton. We talked thermal underwear, fabricated comparisons to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones plus concept albums featuring a potential Love Barter system. All my favourite topics. I am listening to your music now, I’m loving it, and I am bummed I missed your shows in my hometown Melbourne last week. How did they go, and more importantly, did you survive the freezing cold?

Yeah, we had a lot of fun and played with some great bands. We narrowly survived the inclement thanks to our good friends over at Therma-licious Underwear™.

According to your Facebook page, Sean the JB Hi-Fi reviewer has called it – you’re better than The Beatles and The Rolling Stones combined.  Are you okay with these comparisons?  

As a side note: ‘Sean’ the reviewer actually moonlights as our pianist/organist/keytarist, so he may or may not be slightly biased. However, we’re not completely opposed to being deemed superior to some of our musical idols.

Your triple j Unearthed profile says Burn Antares was “acquainted by a mutual love of 60’s and 70’s rock n’ roll.”  How did this beautiful acquaintance come about? Which legends did you bond over the most?

In true anachronistic style, we met via online classifieds. We originally all met at the inaugural meeting of the local branch of the Marlon Brando Fan Club. It wasn’t long before we realised we were all musicians, and I suppose the rest is history.

 Your new EP Fur Coat And The Peace Boat is so great.  How do you go about your songwriting?  What was it like working with producer Tony Buchen?

Our process is fairly fluid. Usually Grace (Farriss, vocals/guitar) or Dan (Murchison, guitar) will come in with a song idea, and we’ll flip things around and try out a bunch of arrangements until we all stop shouting at each other. Sometimes we’ll work backwards and Grace will write over a jam idea. Whatever works for the song, y’know? 

Working with Tony was great; so much so we’ll be recording with him again in the coming months…

Crystal Love is such a great, hippie flower-power style song with the best message –  ‘Love is everything I need’. Tell me more.

We’ve since learned a few tough lessons regarding that message. Apparently Love is not legal tender, and offering it for services is deemed unorthodox. Our next release is going to be a concept album about the the economic and societal impacts of a young demographic rejecting currency and moving to a Love Barter system. We’re racing to finish it now before Pete Townshend steals our idea.

Rich Man, such a lush, detailed 8-minute epic. Can I hear a choir singing in it? Wow. Discuss. 

I’m not sure if I’m completely qualified to tell you too much about the song besides it’s main message of love overriding all else. We wanted to create a relatively conventional song and take it somewhere completely different, real trippy-like. I think we succeeded in that. And no, we didn’t quite have a choir, but we did have the pleasure of getting some amazing soulesque backing singers in for our session. Them girls got pipes, man.

Vangablonde is totally intriguing, especially the video clip. The flamenco style intro, the incredible strings, the mysterious protagonist. Please explain.

That song was actually one of the first that Grace ever wrote. When it came to recording it, Tony was besotted with Lee Hazlewood and his work with Nancy Sinatra. The amazing string arrangement was a salute to that era. As for the clip, we wanted to play with the idea of the protagonist and throw in something that wasn’t exactly expected. I was actually recognised the other day at work by a man who had seen me on Rage dressed as a woman. We didn’t expect that.

Watch Vangablonde, enjoy the trip and see if you can spot Thom at work one day too:

Now, since I missed the Melbourne shows, please do go along to these instead on my behalf:

Friday 31st July 2015
Miami Marketta – Gold Coast QLD

Saturday 1st August 2015
The Bearded Lady – Brisbane QLD
with The Delicates, Baskervillain

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