Wrangler Presents The Exchange @ Sugar Mountain

If you take your jeans off anywhere at Sugar Mountain, make sure you take them straight to The Exchange Project run by Wrangler. You’ll get a brand new pair of jeans in return, plus you’ll support the absolute greatest of unsung heroes in all of Melbourne – Launch Housing. Working with over 18,000 adults, young people and children across Melbourne each year, who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness, Launch Housing deserve all the support WildnFree or any denim-clad Sugar Mountain punter with an eye for a new pair of jeans can possible give.

Back in the day, WildnFree worked in the ugly, dangerous and destructive snake pit called the ‘welfare’ field and saw many a homeless person, from the furious hijab-clad Somali woman clutching her babies while running from some prick of an arranged husband, to the hapless yet hulking just-released-from-detention-on-a-Bridging-Visa-E single Middle Eastern man, to the clueless Vietnamese mum asking ‘the government’ for a new house, and where was the first and only place she could ever send them? Homeground Housing Services. Always Homeground.

Obviously now renamed Launch Housing, FKA Homeground was the very last resort, and only answer, for anyone in Melbourne’s inner north desperate and poor enough to find themselves homeless. “Go to Homeground” WildnFree would say, drawing a map on a scrap of paper, directing them off the 86 tram on Smith Street, down Peel Street past the Grace Darling, turning left at the park. “Look for this,” she’d tell them, pointing to her hand drawn Homeground logo, because most often they couldn’t read English and had no idea where Collingwood was, let alone backstreet Oxford Street. They’d have to look hard for the logo plastered on the door of an old Foy & Gibson warehouse, now largely home to wealthy nouveau-hipsters in converted lofts, but also indirectly home to thousands of Melbourne’s poorest.

So FKA Homeground, WildnFree thanks you sincerely for your relentless and difficult work, on the very day the rough sleepers are being swept off Flinders Street in a pre-Grand Slam clean up, and generations wake up to the cold hard fact that they’ll rent from Melbourne’s wealthy and fortunate for a long time to come, instead of ever owning a place of their own.

But, let’s not forget the good things. Grab a ticket to Sugar Mountains, score a new pair of jeans thanks to Wrangler and catch WildnFree fave Jaala while you’re there. Enjoy!


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