YT DiNGO ~ Shipwrecked

A castaway bunch of ragged dancers on a deserted beach make YT DiNGO‘s video for Shipwrecked a very compelling experience. From the moment YT DiNGO staggers out of the water to the track’s stricken opening, you’ll be swept up quickly into the drama, feeling dumped, stranded, washed up and wiped out by the track’s hip-hop railings, but heartened by the dance. 

Written about a relationship breakdown, ‘that shipwreck feeling you experience after cutting ties with bad people in your life’, YT DiNGO says Shipwrecked is about “lost parents, bad relationships. Starting again from nothing with nothing. But for some reason, as much as there was a lot of bullshit in our lives, we still had the most incredible time making music. Shipwrecked is about dancing through your bullshit and finding a way to feel good, regardless.”

Choreographed by the man behind YT DiNGO, Travers Ross, with help by Clarence Durt Kenta and Aaron Griffith, and directed by Her Sound, Her Story‘s Claudia Sangiorgi Delimore, Shipwrecked will help you dance through your own bullshit for a brief few minutes. Only the first part of a trilogy series, WildnFree is now curious for more. 



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